Personal Article Policies: When Homeowners Insurance Isn’t Enough

Your homeowners policy provides ample coverage for the everyday items in your home, but what about the extraordinary ones? Whether you are the keeper of your great-grandmother’s heirloom jewelry, an avid collector of antique guitars, or even own costly medical devices, a personal articles policy can provide low- or no-deductible coverage for these difficult-to-replace items and keep you covered for a wide range of events.

Why isn’t my homeowners policy enough?

Well, it might be. For most people, a standard homeowners policy provides perfectly adequate protection for personal possessions, but these policies may fall short for those who own particularly valuable items. In addition, homeowners policies only provide coverage in the case of loss or damage that is the result of specific events. If you own an item, or items, that would be particularly difficult to replace if lost to a non-covered event, or that carries a value that greatly exceeds the sublimits attached to your homeowner’s policy, you may want to purchase additional coverage in the form of a personal articles policy.  


Most homeowners policies contain restrictions on how much the insurer is obligated to pay for certain types of items—even when overall coverage hasn’t been exhausted. For example, a diamond ring valued at $6,000 is likely to be subject to a sublimit that limits claims on jewelry to $2,000 or less—falling far short of the replacement value of the item.

Restricted Events

Coverage from homeowners policies only applies when loss or damage occurs due to the specific events listed in your policy, usually fire, theft, vandalism, and most (but not all) natural disasters. If you accidentally lose your item, or it becomes damaged by flood, earthquake, or other peril not covered by your policy, you will not be entitled to coverage through your homeowners policy.


While deductibles on homeowners policies vary widely, all homeowners should expect to pay something towards replacement of lost or stolen items when they file a claim.

Cover your valuables with a personal articles policy

Personal articles policies fill the gaps between standard homeowners policies and the replacement value of particularly costly items, offering full-value coverage, low- to no-deductible, and coverage for a wide range of events.

What Personal Articles Policies Cover


Personal articles policies can be purchased for almost any item of value you own, including:

·         Antiques and collectables

·         Jewelry

·         Medical and prosthetic devices

·         Cameras and photography equipment

·         Musical instruments

·         Sports equipment

·         Furs

·         Fine art

While personal articles policies are most commonly purchased for items from the above list, it is by no means complete or comprehensive. Your independent insurance agent can help you find and purchase coverage for almost any valuable possession, no matter how unusual.


Depending on your carrier, a personal articles policy may expand your coverage to include accidental loss or damage, as well as loss due to flooding, earthquake, or other disasters not typically covered by homeowners policies. In addition, personal articles policies follow your item anywhere in the world—meaning that engagement ring is covered whether you’re in Portland or Paris.


Personal articles policies are typically full-coverage policies. This means that they are written to cover your item for its full appraised value, with no deductible to satisfy before insurance kicks in. 

Purchasing coverage

As always, your independent insurance agent is your best resource for evaluating your coverage needs, shopping for policies, and purchasing the insurance that’s right for your valuables. The insurance professionals at Moreland would love to help you evaluate you understand your current coverage and decide whether a personal articles policy is right for you.